Saturday, 18 June 2011

Sprint and HTC Team Up To Create The First 3D Smart Phone

Last year Sprint and HTC teamed up to create the worlds first 4G smartphone the EVO 4G. The EVO’s high specs giant screen and interesting design quickly made it one of the most successful Android phones ever created. About a year later Sprint and HTC are teaming up to create the next phone in the EVO line and they are aiming to make it just as revolutionary as the first.

Hardware, Specs and Design
The HTC EVO 3D is the latest Android powered smartphone HTC has produced and like the EVO 4G before it, its spec sheet rivals the most powerful smartphones available. The EVO 3D features the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon CPU, which is a dual core microprocessor clocked at 1.2ghz. That’s more than twice as powerful as the single core 1ghz Snapdragon found in the EVO 4G. The EVO 3D also features twice the amount of ram or the original EVO, 1gb versus 512mbs. Despite the drastic increase in specs the phone actually manages to be slightly slimmer and light than it’s predecessor while keeping it’s solid black slate design. The EVO 3D features all of the same ports and radios found in it’s predecessor including the 4G WiMax for Sprints network. The biggest difference between the EVO 4G and the EVO 3D is in the display. Both feature a huge 4.3-inch LCD panel protected by gorilla glass but the EVO 3D bumps up the resolution to qHD and is the first smartphone in the world to feature glasses free 3D technology. This means you can enjoy 3D pictures, movies and games without those heavy and expensive 3D glasses.
Software and Camera
The EVO 3D is running the latest version of Android available for mobile phones 2.3 Gingerbread with the latest version of HTC’s sense UI skin on top. Sense 3.0 features a whole bunch of cool visual tweaks that take advantage of the processing power such as a more 3D carousel home screen launcher and a redesigned lock screen. The EVO 3D is also revolutionary in that it’s the first phone with a 3D camera. The EVO 3D features dual 5 megapixel cameras on the back that allow the phone to take pictures and record video in 3D. The EVO 3D also features a front facing camera that’s perfect for video calls.
Price and Availability
The EVO 3D will be available from Sprint stores and telesales starting June 24th for $200 on contract.

Written by Maria Rainier 

Bio: Maria Rainier is a freelance writer and blogger for First in Education where she’s recently written on online legal studies programs along with a piece on online speech pathology programs. In her spare time, she enjoys yoga, playing piano, and working with origami.


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