Thursday, 11 August 2011

2011 Sigur Ros Album Confirmed? (INNI)

Here at culture tech we were the first to bring you hints of a new Sigur Ros album – it proved to be our most popular article to date. Now we have some new and substantial news. At 8:12 PM I received a cryptic email from Sigur Ros’ email news.
The centre part of the email, containing the word ‘inni’ which translates from Icelandic as Inside, is a link leading the viewer to this page, which contains this cryptic video.

My assumption would be that INNI is the title to a new sigur ros album, which we know has been in the works since the spring (see our earlier article).
The level of excitement here at Culture Tech is off the scale, this is one to look out for! Keep your eyes fixed.
George Maier,
exclusively for Culture Tech

Friday, 24 June 2011

The Future Of Paying For Pop: Google Wallet

Earlier this year Google showed off the newest of their mobile services designed to make life easier, Google Wallet. Google Wallet is an application that uses an Android phone equipped with a near field communication chip (or NFC chip) and links it to your debit or credit card. You can then leave the card at home and as long as you have your phone with you, make purchases using the application. Currently it’s in beta and only works in Portland and San Francisco but Google is committed to rolling out more cities over time.

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Take Me There Egypt - Exhibit Review - Indianapolis, Indiana

Have you ever left the country? If like me, you don’t have the monetary funds to leave the United States, don’t be too upset. Though it would be nice to physically leave the country, it isn’t an option to some. I’ve found that there are ways to explore other worlds right here in my own city.
One of the most memorable of tourist attractions

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Support editor George Maier's new short film...

George Maier and Eric Riley are currently working on an amazing new short film idea, but it needs funding. The campaign has just started so please be the first to donate!

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Emmy the Great-Virtue

Our current generation of musicians is lacking something: it’s not guitarists, it’s not computers, it’s not drum machines, and it’s certainly not auto-tune: We’re missing poets. A modern lyricist who can talk about imagination, emotion, and thoughts without resorting to blunt clich├ęs or exhausted stories is rare. However, indie-folk songwriter Emmy the Great helps fight against that dilution with her new album, Virtue.

Sprint and HTC Team Up To Create The First 3D Smart Phone

Last year Sprint and HTC teamed up to create the worlds first 4G smartphone the EVO 4G. The EVO’s high specs giant screen and interesting design quickly made it one of the most successful Android phones ever created. About a year later Sprint and HTC are teaming up to create the next phone in the EVO line and they are aiming to make it just as revolutionary as the first.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Archibold Flamingo – Something new for the Dubheads

For those who like their music Filthy and those always on the look out for the very best in new, up and coming artists in Dub, Drum and Bass, Dubstep and generally dirty low frequencies there is a great new blog dedicated to bringing you just that; Archibold Flamingo! They promote fresh producers, bands and solo artists and broaden the culture that comes with that territory with art and random snippets of goodness whilst bringing the very best to you.

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