Monday, 17 January 2011

Where has the art of filmmaking gone?

I recently made a short film called Happiness....

 Happiness is a reflection of each and every one of us and the parts of our personality that we choose to hide or show when we interact with the people around us. The irony to the surface levels of this film exists simply to point out the distinction that the purpose of this film is to highlight. It's the contrast between the internal and the external.
It was experimentation with the subtlety of the film medium in expressing a message, choosing to let the viewer read it how they will rather than following the modern idea of forcing a plot into the viewers mind.

I feel that film needs to be re-thought sometimes, and a step back needs to be taken for people to come to the realisation that filmmaking is an art, and films are works of art, not mass produced prints with instructions on how to look at them.
Even many indie films these days follow the rule book so closely that they lose a lot of their potential and purpose.... Where has the Sundance sprit of filmmaking gone? Where has the idea of picking up a camera and saying ‘I want to express how I feel’ gone?
I’m no expert filmmaker, nor do I claim that my films or entertaining or even so much as ‘good’ – but they express me, with the dirt that I possess, un-cleansed and un-kept. And in the end isn’t that what filmmaking is about?

Happiness from George Maier on Vimeo.

I would love to hear your own experiences as amateur film-makers and remember that to be different you must break the mold.   


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