Friday, 28 January 2011

Homophobia and the media

So, I've been thinking a lot today about homophobia and homosexuality, mainly promoted by finding out that one of my friends believes that many of my friends are sinners who will burn in hell because of their sexuality. I know that he was just stating his beliefs... (be them homophobic disguised by a religious front) but I truly can't understand why anyone would believe an old book (that has been re-edited and re-written hundreds of times) over someone they have the indecency call their friend to the extent that they believe their 'friend' is fundamentally wrong. (You can tell who's gone from my Christmas chard list next year)

So I was wondering how I could make this idea relevant to this blog, and, being a culture blog, I thought I'd throw in some cultural references in explaining my ideas.

In the latest episode of Glee to air in the UK, episode 3 of season 2, Kurt says something that I think relates closely to many of us, in both a homosexual and more general sense regarding the matter: "God's kind of a jerk... isn't he? I mean he makes me gay and then has his followers going round telling me it's something that I chose. As if someone would choose to be mocked every singe day of their life."

I think it's important to mention how far, as a society we have came over the past few decades, I mean, generally it is okay to be gay now... but at the same time, it really isn't.... I mean half your friends are iffy about it, then there's the people who randomly abuse you... I think the worst part is when someone you look up to, and aspire to be like tells you that they don't think homosexuality is right.

I'm a big fan of modern family, and I am so glad that it contains a gay couple... It's right there, at the front of the battle and it's pushing hard on those too stagnant to accept the new reality. I was horrifid to find a video on youtube describing modernfamily and homosexual propaganda, using words like 'evil' to describe the gay couple.

I can't remember what film this quote comes from, or if I have it right, it's just something that's stayed in the back of my mind for as long as I can remember, but I think it sums up my opinions: "I don't know if there is a god son, but I damn know for sure if he does exist and is as loving as they say, he would never send anyone anywhere else but heaven."

I rest my case. Goodnight!


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