Monday, 6 December 2010

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We at the Culture & Technology Review are calling upon all writers, any age and any topic, whether it be Art, Music, Technology, Photography or anything else you enjoy writing about. We are looking for great and unique writers like you to join our community. If your interested and want to hear more about the benefits of joining our team read past the break.

We understand the difficulty in becoming an established writer, even if you are producing the best content its not always easy to get it out there for the world to see. Many like yourself start blogs and other means of online article writing but getting an audience to view it is sometimes difficult. Thats where

we want to come in. Our mission is to bring our writers to an audience and our readers to great content and we feel the best content can sometimes be hidden away.

When you join our team you will have complete freedom over your articles, you choose what you want to write about and how often you want to create new content. You can submit as much or as little of your work to us as you choose and we don’t mind if you are posting that content elsewhere too, in fact we encourage it.

Your posts will have your name next to them, you can add information about yourself into your articles and even put links to your personal blogs and other sites.

But how does this benefit me? You may ask.

There are loads of ways that this is beneficial to you. By getting your name out there to a wider audience of different interests you are advertising yourself and your content to the world and this is a huge plus for your personal websites; driving your web-traffic and increasing your own fan base. Plus if you are looking for a career in any form of writing, being an official writer for a website will be a great addition to your CV and a massive boost for your experience in writing.

We hope you will see the advantage of posting to the Culture & Technology Review and if you want to sign up here’s how to:

Go over to our contact page and send us an email, if you have an article already then feel free to attach it to your email but if you don’t then don’t worry. Basically this email should contain your name, any website or blog you have already and a little bit about the topics you enjoy writing about. We should reply to you email within a day or two at most and then whenever you have an article to post on our site simply send it us and we will post it. Its that simple!

Thanks for your interest

Eric Riley & George Maier


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