Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Patrick Stump Hits Home Hard!

Fall Out Boy's front man Patrick Stump has been promising us a solo album since soon after the band split up and now it looks like things are closing in for the explosion of musical talent. I've been a Stump fan for years, I love his vocals and his composition work is the best in it's field in my opinion, so when I got a chance to hear a full studio recording, or in-fact two full studio recordings, I was jumping up and down like a mad man!

Patrick said on his website: "I recorded 2 separate versions of Spotlight and after months I still can't decide which one should go on the record." The two versions of the track are available for free download in the hopes that you will then return back to www.PatrickStump.com to vote for the version which you prefer. He also offers the option of streaming for free via his YouTube account.

This is the first version: Spotlight (New Regrets)

And this is the second version: Spotlight (Oh Nostalgia)

Out of the two I seem to get on best with Oh Nostalgia, but that's just my personal preference. Apparently my personal preference is met by the majority as the stats for the poll on his website indicate a swing away from New Regrets. I personally enjoy both versions and would be more than happy for either, or indeed both to find their way onto the album.

Something that stood out to me distinctly is Patrick's recent, and very noticeable, change in physical appearance and dress sense, you will see on both video backgrounds the new him: Thin and cool, a stark difference to the plump emo kid who fronted Fall Out Boy through the years. Even if he does seem to be doing a weird sort of pelvic thrust in both photographs...

If this single is anything to go by the new album will be a hit, and a great listen I'm sure. For now though, excuse me while I listen to Oh Nostalgia on replay.

All the best,
George Maier

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