Tuesday, 7 December 2010

The New Canon 60D, George Maier Discusses...

60D - A Quick Snap
A Quick Snap

So what do I think to the camera and its features?

I love the lens I brought with the 60D, a Canon S series 17-85mm IS (IS stands for Image stabilisation). The only thing I would change about that is the rather high figured lowest aperture setting of 4.0, having it be able to go to 2.0 would have been lovely, but, as it is, a brilliant lens.

A wonderful swivel screen now appears! We've had these for many years on video cameras such as the popular consumer Canon HV series, its only natural to see them advance onto the DSLR scene as video becomes a key feature in the Canon range. I found it extremely useful for both video and still photography, and I hope they include the feature on the 5D MKIII!

Video functionality was superb, I particularly enjoyed fiddling with 60P and slowing it down to 24P on my computer, effectively allowing me to shoot in slow motion. I can compare DSLR footage with that shot on the Canon XL-H1, the Canon XHA1 and in places the RED ONE, though lets not go mad, the RED ONE is one hell of a camera and in day to day terms the 60D doesn't compare.

General Summary
The camera feels amazing to hold. While my 350D and 450D both felt plastic and light weight this feels strong and rigid, and you can feel it, it has a healthy weight to it. The camera is generally very easy to use, and comfortable to use. Some people in other reviews have made note of problems with the buttons on the back... I can only claim they must have a faulty camera, as mine was fine, no trouble at all, it was all instinctive for me.

If you are restricted to around £1,100 - £1,800 then I would suggest it to you, as it seems to be the best within that price range at the moment. Note that I included lens and SD card in that estimate, that's ready to shoot cost - unlike many other quotes of something like £899, which only includes the body.

To sum up the Canon 60D is a welcomed new addition to the Canon range, and serves its purpose very well, for the pro-consumer, keen amateur or camera enthusiast, this camera will serve you well and be your new best friend.

If you have any questions then feel free to email me at GeorgeEdwardMaier@Hotmail.com or leave a comment down below and I will try to get back to you

George Maier


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