Monday, 6 December 2010

George's Coldplay - Christmas Lights Review

You know how there are some songs that just stick with you? They embed themselves in your memory and flash back up in decades to come when you hear them through the radio. All of a sudden you are transported back to the Christmas of 1999, your family sat around the fire place all snug against the grasping cold beyond the window.

Coldplay's new track for the holidays feels like a sniff of the Christmas decorations on the 1st of December, which is actually when it came out. There is something awfully familiar and comforting about it yet at the same time it remains original, and it remains Coldplay.

Coldplay's Christmas Lights

Do I like the song? I love it! I feel like not loving it would be on key with not loving Christmas itself. I have to say I have been sat on the edge of my seat waiting eagerly for over a year now for something to come from Coldplay and this gave me the fix I craved so desperately.

Looking forward: I know I, and many of you out there, are on the borderline of insanity waiting for Coldplay's new 2011 album, after hearing that snippet of Wedding Bells on TV a year ago... (For those of you who don't know of it I recommend a YouTube search). All that I can conclude from Christmas Lights is that Coldplay are going in the right direction, and It's made me that bit more desperate for Coldplay to hurry up in that studio of theirs!

I rate this song 9/10 for being a warming song for the festive season, and recommend it with all my heart. You wont regret spending 99p on a lovely festive fix.

George Maier


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